Educating others

Educating others is key to raising awareness and changing attitudes about persons with hidden mobility disabilities. Of course we need to educate ourselves at the same time!

At the present time the only references to hidden mobility disabilities are buried in guidelines for the issuing of disabled parking decals. In most jurisdictions with disabled parking the guidelines include persons who cannot walk more than a specified distance without health consequences. While universal design is purported to address all access issues, the seven principles make no mention of distance or time standing as potential barriers.

Until people are aware of the issues, nothing will change. The newly-published HMD Fact Sheet is an excellent resource to circulate in your community and to your network. Below are two other resources that you are welcome to use in order to help with that education process. We only ask that you give credit to this website, let us know that you are using them, and then let us know what steps you are taking and the response you get:

Examples of groups to educate regarding hidden mobility disabilities include:

  • Disability community advocates
  • Researchers on disabilities
  • Associations with members likely to have hidden mobility disabilities
  • Media
  • Seniors’ community groups & facilities
  • Elder Hostel / Elder College
  • Architects
  • Landscape architects
  • Engineers
  • Planners
  • Urban designers
  • Health care providers
  • Those responsible for government buildings and services
  • Common services: banks, supermarkets, hospitals, education
  • Transportation systems
  • Park managers